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Turn a Shipping Container into a Hunting Cabin [VIDEO]

The folks at American Pride Industries are transforming shipping containers into custom hunting cabins, and they're so cool!

Imagine deer camp on a cold, wet November evening coming back from the field and stepping through the door of one of these babies. Inside it's toasty warm, lights on with a great recliner to put your feet up.

No matter how gnarly the weather gets outside, you're impervious to it all in your weatherproof hunting cabin. These units are solid as a tank on the outside but make you feel right at home on the inside. Take a look!

Owner Frank Waszkiewicz says they can build to whatever specs you need and they make more than just hunting cabins.

American Pride can also create storm shelters, safe rooms, storage lockers, and portable offices...and they'll deliver to your location once it's built.

I think I may have found my new man cave!

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Turn a Shipping Container into a Hunting Cabin [VIDEO]