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Turn Bottle Caps Into Killer Fishing Lures

Good news fishermen... It is time to turn all those old beer caps into fishing lures!

All those beer caps that you saved up at your fishing camp this year can now be recycled into fishing lures. At least this will give you an excuse to drink a few cold ones, right.

Here is what you will need: bottle cap, split shot, treble hook, bottle opener, small nail, snap swivel, hammer, pliers.

Watch the video below to turn those materials into a fish catching machine.

Understanding how to make a simple lure like this can be life saving information. Also, it is just plain cool that beer caps can be turned into fishing lures.

Next time you end up spending a weekend at fish camp, give this a try. Who knows, that might give you the edge you need to land the big one.

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Turn Bottle Caps Into Killer Fishing Lures