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Turn Your 1911 Pistol into a Bolt Action .308 Rifle [VIDEO]

Is your 1911-style pistol just not getting out to those far targets with enough accuracy and power?

Well, the 308 Dominator conversion kit might be what you need.

Watch a 1911 pistol frame shoot a .308 Winchester rifle cartridge.

Originally used back in the 1980s for the sport of steel silhouette shooting, this conversion turns your 1911 semi-automatic pistol into a single-shot bolt action pistol. It will actually shoot a full-length .308 Winchester rifle cartridge.

This Pachmayr conversion allows the shooter to change from a short range defensive pistol to a long range pistol.

Whether shooting targets way out there or dropping a deer, this conversion has the horse power to get it done.

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Turn Your 1911 Pistol into a Bolt Action .308 Rifle [VIDEO]