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These Turkeys are Dropping Some Serious Bass

Chris Brackett Outdoors

The bass notes from these Eastern wild turkeys are so low, your smartphone won’t be able to play them. Be sure to watch this video with computer speakers or better yet, your home stereo. It may register on the Richter scale.

Chris Brackett and his producer Chip Spaulding of “Fear No Evil” are known for creating hunting shows that stand out from the crowd.

This clip of a gobbler spitting and drumming is no different.

Chris was behind the camera while Chip hunted. They used a high speed camera coupled with additional external mics placed in the field to capture this unprecedented audio.

Take a listen.

Did you notice the tail fan modulation at 41 seconds in? It’s as if the tail feathers are assisting with transmission of the sound wave.

It makes you wonder just how far these communications travel. Next time you’re in the spring turkey woods and hear this familiar sound, you’ll have a better appreciation for the complexity of it.


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These Turkeys are Dropping Some Serious Bass