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Turkey Vulture Dines on Dead Possum

One turkey vulture gets the party started when he starts a 'Lady and the Tramp' dining experience with a possum's intestines. Others soon join him.

Shawn Woods catches a skunk and then a possum who have been dining on his baby pheasant hatchlings. He sets the carcasses out to see what they will attract, and the first dinner guest happens to be a turkey vulture.

Woods caught the two pheasant killing varmints in his Paiute Deadfall, an effective animal catching trap the construction of which he details here. He even shares video of the paiute deadfall in action and cooks a rat he caught in one of his videos.

Woods strung up the skunk and then the possum, and set up his trail cam to capture what interest the two carcasses might generate. It didn't take long before a turkey vulture visited and began pecking at the dead varmints.

The turkey vulture starts on the skunk, but is unsuccessful. It switches to the possum and gives it the old college try, pecking and pecking away at the rotting carcass. Vultures are anything if not persistent, and this hungry bird wasn't about to give up.

The vulture is finally successful in tearing a hole in the carcass of the possum, and then, like a character in the famous scene from 'Lady and the Tramp', begins to dine on the innards as though they were spaghetti noodles. Yuck!

Pretty soon several more vultures showed up and continued the feast. This might be one of the more disgusting videos we've seen, but still, it is a fascinating look at what goes on in nature when an animal dies.

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Turkey Vulture Dines on Dead Possum