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Turkey Tries to Fly Over Building, Misses in Epic Way [VIDEO]

This turkey is not the best at flying.

Most people are under the impression that turkeys can't fly, much like the person who made this video, but that's simply not true. Via LiveScience:

"Wild turkeys feed on the ground, which may have something to do with the myth that they can't fly. They have to fly, however, because they roost in trees at night. Some accounts say they can soar up to 55 mph for short bursts."

Speaking of Turkeys..

Speaking of Turkeys.. Check out this video: Angry Turkey Fights UPS Driver .

The fact of the matter is that even though they can fly, not all of them are that good at it. In the video below it appears that some of the turkeys may have gotten a better head start than the unlucky fellow who is the star of the show.

Check it out as this turkey tries to fly over the building with his friends but runs into a bit of a problem with his take off.

Talk about ouch! This video appears to have taken place at Brandies University, which is in Waltham, Massachusetts, and was uploaded by Max Zaslove. Whether or not that turkey turned out to be okay (we're betting it wasn't), we don't know, but thanks to Max this video solidifies what it means to be called a "turkey."

Have you ever seen turkeys take flight? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Turkey Tries to Fly Over Building, Misses in Epic Way [VIDEO]