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Turkey Season Preview: A Bird in the Hand

Five Up Films

If you’re not excited for turkey season yet, you will be after watching this short-film.

Turkey season can’t get here soon enough. Punxsutawney Phil told us only four more weeks of winter, so that’s encouraging. But, like every year, I’m sure the weeks until turkey season will drag on.

The guys at Five Up Films are here to save the day, again. This time, they’re bowhunting turkeys in the midwest with stick and string. Take a look at their incredible footage.

As always, the guys at Five Up did it again. Their footage and editing abilities always amaze me. This time, they have me on the edge of my seat waiting on turkey season.

Every year I say that I’m going to chase turkeys with my bow, but I have yet to do it. I generally run-and-gun when it comes to turkeys, so I opt for the convenience of a shotgun. But, this year will be different. I will force myself to take my bow!


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Turkey Season Preview: A Bird in the Hand