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Turkey Hunting Tips That Will Get You on the Birds this Spring

Join Bill Cooper to hone your skills with these turkey hunting tips.

Hone your hunting skills with these turkey hunting tips from a professional. It will get you out in the woods and dial you in for the sights, sounds and signs of wild turkey that will set you up for hunting success on the opener.

This tutorial from Bill Cooper may help the novice, and even veteran turkey hunter, by going over the basics of successful scouting.

The importance of early and thorough scouting cannot be overstated. It is as important as good calling, decoy placement and hunter camouflage once the season opens. I am a true believer of not only scouting from your vehicle to locate birds in the winter, but also in getting out on the land and looking for signs and sounds of turkey. In my area we now have quite a bit of snow but I have accessed some new areas by snowshoe and have already scoped some new hunting spots for spring by locating turkey sign.

Using effective turkey hunting tips is particularly important for those of us who hunt public land. It will give you the advantage and increase your chances of bagging that bird this spring.


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Turkey Hunting Tips That Will Get You on the Birds this Spring