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What Turkey Hunting Means to Environmental Conservation


Turkey hunting, carbon emissions and other environmental issues might seem like unusual bedfellows. Here's how they're linked to one another.

Question: Are you a conservationist? Answer: I am a turkey hunter.

That is the refrain of Carbon Wingprint, a short environmental/educational film featuring Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins.

This is a video you will want to share with both your hunting and non-hunting friends.

By highlighting the scientific advancements that have helped create our modern industrial food system--specifically as it concerns the modern domestic turkey industry--filmmakers A.J. DeRosa and Jake Bennett are able to convincingly connect the dots between modern "unnatural" meat production and its negative environmental impact.

Conversely, the film also heralds the relationship between turkey hunting organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation and turkey hunters, and the significantly more positive environmental impact of turkey hunting and small organic farm producers.

For example, the video indicates that for every 3.5 ounces of turkey produced in the corporate food industry, 2.4 pounds of carbon emissions will also be produced. Using the figure of 736 million pounds of domestic turkey cooked for the Thanksgiving holiday, that equates to more than eight-and-a-half billion pounds of carbon emissions...for a single holiday. That is the carbon emissions equivalent of 170,000 round trips to the moon and back by car.

Here's the kicker: By comparison, hunting your own wild turkey reduces your Thanksgiving carbon emissions by 75%. Turkey hunting also addresses certain ethical dilemmas associated with animal life in corporate farm facilities.

Bottom line: Whatever your views on issues like climate change, turkey hunting is a far more environmentally friendly way to acquire your Thanksgiving bird than large-scale corporate farming.

Carbon Wingprint is produced by HunterGreen.Org in association with Dangerous Cow Adventure Films.

Finally, Carbon Wingprint makes this call to action: Change the way you view this celebrated holiday, the health of our environment and the conservation of the iconic Wild Turkey.

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What Turkey Hunting Means to Environmental Conservation