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Turkey Hunting Fatality in South Carolina

Another reminder to be never let your guard down when hunting.

A 55-year-old went turkey hunting in Aiken County and never came home. Charles W. Reed went to the same area that he hunted in the past and after not showing up back at his house, his father and wife went looking for him.

They found him unconscious with a gunshot wound to the head and called 911. He was confirmed dead at 6:27 p.m.

The investigation is still in progress but authorities believe Reed was getting up from the ground and the gun went off. He had grabbed the gun by the barrel and was attempting to put it in his soft case when the trigger caught on something and fired.

We all think something like this could never happen to us or someone we know. And most of the time I hope we all take the proper safety precautions. But in the heat of the moment, everything changes. I know I’ve had instances in the outdoors that could have turned out way worse than they did.

After all, we chase wild creatures in wild country. But let this horrible accident be a reminder to us all that we are using deadly weapons and that we must always take the extra step to be safe in the woods.


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Turkey Hunting Fatality in South Carolina