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Turkey Hunting Answers From the Experts

American Hunter

Turkey hunting tips from the folks who do it for a living. Listen close to these outfitters.

I’ve always thought as turkey hunting as the poor man’s elk hunt. You get to interact with a vocal (hopefully) quarry, and ideally dupe him into thinking you’re the real deal. It’s great fun, and fortunately, opportunities to do so are wide spread and inexpensive.

But, anyone who’s hunted turkeys knows just how frustrating it can be. The turkeys don’t always cooperate. They don’t respond, they’re not where you expect them to be or you botch the opportunity when they do what you want.

So, the folks at American Hunter partnered up with the National Rifle Association to interview a variety of turkey outfitters at the Great American Outdoor Show in February.

Mouth calls or friction? Decoys or no decoys? Size 4 or 6 shot? Red dot or open sites? All of these questions are answered by the folks who hunt turkeys for a living.

Not only does the video provide good advice and tips from the pros, but it covers outfitters from all parts of the country and many subspecies of turkeys. Watch the video, and be ready for that gobbler this spring.



Turkey Season Preview: A Bird in the Hand

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Turkey Hunting Answers From the Experts