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A Turkey Decided to Roost on This Hunter’s Bow

Ever had a turkey land in your tree? I bet it wasn’t this close.

This hunter was minding his own business, sitting in his deer stand, when a turkey decided that roosting spot looked just too desirable.

What roosting spot, you ask? Well, watch this,

Let me get this straight. A wild turkey, one of the most wary game animals in existence, decides to land on this dude’s bow? Guy must have had his camo game on point!

I think most deer hunters who spend much time in a treestand have seen turkeys up close. Maybe a few of us have had one land in the same tree. But I don’t know anyone else who has had this happen.

The Bent Pine Ranch is a high-fence hunting preserve in Oklahoma; it is legal to hunt deer in Oklahoma over feeders (you can see one in the background behind the turkey).


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A Turkey Decided to Roost on This Hunter’s Bow