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Gangster Turkey Crashes Family Dinner, Causes Thousands in Damages


This crazy turkey flew right into a New Jersey home, terrorizing owners and causing thousands in damages. 

While turkey wasn’t on the menu for a family in New Jersey one did decide to invite himself in to crash their meal.

Courtney Lopchinsky had just sat down to a meal with her three children when a wild turkey busted through the kitchen window. The jake landed on the table while spraying the family with mud, debris, and glass.


The crazed bird then began to chase the family out of the kitchen before causing massive amounts of damage. In total, the bird caused roughly $6,000 in damages which is not, somehow, covered by Lopchinsky’s homeowners insurance policy.

Emergency personnel found the bird trying to break out another window to escape when they arrived. They captured the turkey before releasing him back outside.


Apparently the bird responsible is one of a pack of four that has been causing problems for the township of Teaneck over the last few months.

“They’re like gangster turkeys,” Lopchinsky told “They terrorize kids at the bus stops and chase people to their cars.”


Back in February a postman was chased by an entire flock of turkeys back to his truck while trying to deliver mail. They trapped him inside as they continued to attack the truck. Police eventually arrived and ran the pack off to a wooded area.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection held a meeting  and is looking for ways to address the issue the town is facing with the packs of wild turkeys.

Male turkeys are more aggressive this time of the year due to the looming mating season. They will attack reflective surfaces thinking their reflection is another tom or jake moving in on their territory.



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Gangster Turkey Crashes Family Dinner, Causes Thousands in Damages