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This Lady Has a Real Knack for Turkey Calling

This form of turkey calling will surely bring you success in the woods this season!

Some people just have a knack for calling in birds within 10 yards. This turkey calling trumps all others, and if you think it is something you can master, it’s sure to bring you some good fortune in the woods this spring.

Crystal Utrecht reached out to us with this awesome video of her skillful turkey calling technique in action.

In case you missed it, yes, those were turkeys and, yes, she did call them in on a dime. I think the turkeys had a minor problem not knowing where that sound originated from because they ran right by this lady, but at least they arrived like clockwork.

It seems as though sometimes hunters make turkey hunting too complicated. Sometimes you just need to have confidence in your ability just like this lady does. Okay, but really, we all know the likelihood of this actually working in the woods is slim to none, but one can dream right?

That being said, next time you head out into the woods you might consider hiring this lady to go with you to increase your success.

Just like she said, “works every time.”



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This Lady Has a Real Knack for Turkey Calling