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Turkey Call Review: Flextone Magnum Strutter Box Call

The Magnum Strutter box call is a handsome call that can produce a wide range of hen calls to attract toms.

Turkey hunting is quickly rising in popularity. The increase in hunters targeting gobblers has led to a veritable explosion of new calls, decoys and gear available for purchase.

This spring, I took a closer look at a box call offering from Flextone called the Magnum Strutter. Flextone is a well-known manufacturer of a wide variety of game calls and other hunting gear.

The Magnum Strutter maintains the classic design that box calls are known for, with a resonating box on the bottom and a swinging paddle on top. The paddle is moved from side to side against the rough coating on the lips of the box to produce a wide range of turkey calls, including yelps and clucks.

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The Magnum Strutter is made from select woods, such as walnut, oak and cherry. Each call is handcrafted and then laser engraved with the name of the call and a handsome turkey feather on the paddle.

As an added bonus, Flextone takes the time to tune each Magnum Strutter by hand before shipping to ensure the high-quality sound right out of the box.


I was immediately impressed with the quality of the calls I was able to produce with the Magnum Strutter. I made absolutely no adjustments to the call and didn't even feel the need to add any chalk. In fact, I was so pleased with the sound quality that I still have not made any tweaks or changes to it.

I also appreciated the Magnum Strutter's versatility. With its two-sided design, this call allows hunters - with a bit of practice - to accurately mimic the type of sounds that help lure in wily old tom gobblers in the spring woods.

The Magnum Strutter can recreate a diverse range of hen calls, from an old hen with a raspy voice to the smoother calls of a young hen.

Despite its great call range, I would not suggest the Magnum Strutter for hunters looking to produce tree-rattling gobbles to challenge the boss tom of the woods. While it is possible to gobble using box calls, it just isn't practical. There are much better products out there that can produce incredibly accurate gobbles. The Magnum Strutter is simply better suited for hen calls.

Field Test

I was able to take this call out into the field during Ohio's spring season. Luckily, I managed to hunt on a dry day and did not have the added challenge of attempting to keep the call dry. As with the majority of friction-based calls, it is a good idea to keep it away from moisture in order to preserve its sound. If you frequently hunt in rainy weather, there are calls out there that don't mind a little water.

Unfortunately, I was unable to call in a gobbler with the Magnum Strutter during my hunt, but that doesn't diminish the quality of this call in the least.

That is simply the challenge of bagging a wild turkey, and I'm sure you all understand that challenge very well.

With an MSRP of $26.99, the Flextone Magnum Strutter is as easy on the wallet as it is on the ears. I highly recommend this call for anyone looking to purchase their first box call or simply looking to expand their arsenal of turkey calls.

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Turkey Call Review: Flextone Magnum Strutter Box Call