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10 Lethal Turkey Broadheads From Brownells

Brownell's has highlighted their ten best turkey broadheads for your late season shot at a gobbler.

8 - falcon claw 100gr

Brownells has a long been a serious role player in "shooting heritage," and their products and quality don't stop at firearms and ammunition.

Since turkey season is wrapping up in most places around the country, most of us have only a few last chances to bag a tom before it's too late.

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Check out these 10 turkey broadheads hand-selected by the folks at Brownells and you'll be using something you know is going to get the job done.

View the slideshow to see the broadheads, and leave your favorites in the comments.

All images via Brownells

Magnus Bullhead 100gr Turkey Head

The Magnus Bullhead 100gr Turkey Head will make neck, head and body shots on turkeys or small game extra lethal. A 2-3/4" diameter, three-blade system packs some major punch and the stainless steel razor sharp blades slice like no other.

Magnus Bullhead 125gr Turkey Head

The 125gr version of the Magnus Bullhead brings the diameter up to 4 inches.

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Gobbler Guillotine 100gr

Count on the Gobbler Guillotine 100gr broadhead to bring some finesse to the equation. No meat-destroying chest shots for these bad boys; they're designed for fast and deadly neck shots or head shots.

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Gobbler Guillotine 125gr

The Gobbler Guillotine 125gr version takes things up a notch with a slightly heavier design.

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NAP Spitfire Gobbler 3 Blade 100gr

If you're turkey hunting in thick woods, try the NAP Spitfire Gobbler 3 Blade 100gr broadhead for a more streamlined shot. The cone-shaped collision point is ideal for spring gobblers.

NAP Spitfire Gobbler 3 Blade 125gr

Of course, the NAP Spitfire Gobbler 3 Blade 125gr is slightly heavier, for when that tom's size is just a little more than you bargained for.

Innerloc 100gr Falcon Claw Broadhead

If you try the Innerloc 100gr Falcon Claw Broadhead you won't be disappointed. It has Blade Alignment Technology (B.A.T.), which incorporates the cutting of a broadhead and the extra knock down power of a small game head.

Limbsaver Turkey Terror Blades

Limbsaver Turkey Terror Blades come in packs of nine and will help keep the sharpest and most effective blades on your broadheads at all times.

Cyclone Tom Bomb 125gr Turkey Broadhead

When one shot is all you need (and we all like to think it is...), the Cyclone Tom Bomb 125gr Turkey Broadhead will knock any gobbler down. It might even take its entire head off.

A massive chisel tip and a gigantic 2.5-inch cutting diameter makes it look like something out of the future. But no, you can use it today.

Steel Force Phat Head Talon 4 Blade

Check out the Steel Force Phat Head Talon 4 Blade when it's time to get serious. The 100 gr. four-blade system is just what the doctor ordered, if the doctor were a turkey hunter.

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10 Lethal Turkey Broadheads From Brownells