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The ‘Tuna Robot’ is the Navy’s Newest Underwater Drone

A drone dubbed the tuna robot is helping the US Navy bring surveillance into the future.

If you’re out fishing for tuna and happen upon one of these bad boys, you’re probably going to want to release it., via Business Insider, via , had the scoop on the US Navy’s 4-foot long, tuna-shaped unmanned undersea vehicle, the latest in the military’s attempt to perform combat sensor functions.

“It mimics a fish. It looks like a fish. We call it robo-tuna, affectionately,” said Capt. Jim Loper, concepts and innovation department head, Navy Warfare Development Command, in the Business Insider piece. “It does not have a propeller or a jet. It actually swims by flipping its tail around.”

Maneuverability and acceleration are easy with the sophisticated design, mimicked after real ocean fish. It can reach speeds of up to 40 knots.

Acoustic sensors and cameras can be incorporated into the surveillance mechanism, and the tuna robot will likely be used to monitor ships, posts and submarines, as well as detect underwater mines.

Boston Engineering is building and developing the robot tuna in their Massachusetts facilities.

Though likely not ready for deployment until a few mores years of testing are complete, the drone represents a fascinating connection between US military technology and the natural world.

Do you think more military gadgets should be mirrored after nature? What will be next? Leave your thoughts below.


Image via Boston Engineering

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The ‘Tuna Robot’ is the Navy’s Newest Underwater Drone