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TSA Confiscates 3-D Printed Gun in Reno

3-D printed gun

The TSA discovers a gun made on 3-D printer coming through a security check. 

It’s not uncommon for the Transportation Safety Administration to confiscate guns each week during security checks. But last week they caught a 3-D printed firearm in a carry-on bag in Reno.

The TSA posted photos of the pistol, which was loaded, on their blog page along with all the other firearms confiscated last week. It also seems like the nature of the firearm meant it almost escaped detection.

“One of the 68 firearms discovered in carry-on bags this week was a printed firearm,” the TSA wrote on their blog. “It was assembled with parts made from a 3D printer. While it was a realistic replica, it was loaded with live ammunition. This was a good catch from the TSA team at Reno.”

The firearm crafted with a 3D printer is just the latest firearm made with such a device to make headlines. In at least one case a couple years ago, a Japanese man was actually sent to prison for making one.

Firearms can be taken on a flight, but they have to be declared and flown in checked and locked luggage only. The TSA notes that passengers caught trying to bring a firearm on board could face fines of up to $11,000. No word on what happened to the passenger who brought on the 3D gun, but we have to assume TSA was not happy about it.



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TSA Confiscates 3-D Printed Gun in Reno