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Try This Trick to Get Big Bucks on Trail Camera: Piss in Your Mock Scrape

Biggest secret to getting big deer on camera? Urine. Pee in your mock scrapes.

It might sound absolutely insane, but you will find proven testimonials all across the U.S. Peeing in your scrapes really does bring bucks in to check it out.

Whitetail hunting is full of rules. Do's and dont's, tips and tactics, and all sorts of information floats around in our whitetail world. Companies trying to push products and agendas that make you think you have must have to have success.

But the best buck attractant money can by comes from that Gatorade or Mountain Dew bottle in your cup holder. Taking a leak in a mock scrape will bring bucks in front of your cameras and get you more pictures of the bucks in your area.

Team Radical member Kyle Heuerman runs you through his process and the success he has had with it. Personally the trick has done wonders for me as well, but I wasn't an easy sell.

I had read an article a few years back on the exact thing. I started thinking the idea of peeing around my hunting properties seemed silly and absurd. Why would I intentionally leave any trace of my human existence around my stands when it has been hammered into my head to be as scent free as possible?

After a few weeks of zero bucks on a property's trail cams, and I mean zero, not even a fork, I gave in. I unzipped the fly and began to soak a mock scrape with urine while thinking I had lost my mind.

Anxiously, I returned a week later to find six different bucks had hit the the scrape withing 48 hours of my work. Three of them were 3 1/2 years or older. It spurns curiosity in the bucks and it is a go-to tactic for me and many others year in and year out.

Don't knock it until you try it.

Stay hydrated my friends!

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Try This Trick to Get Big Bucks on Trail Camera: Piss in Your Mock Scrape