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Try on This Painless Retriever Training for the Ultra Lazy

We bought a retriever to train, and then we bought a machine to train the retriever. Just how lazy have we become?

While we totally get that a ball throwing machine is just as much fun to watch the dog use as the dog loves using it, when did we get to the point of letting a plastic ball-chucker do our work for us?

First watch how much fun this lab has with his little toy, and then decide for yourself if you want a battery operated toy to throw the ball for your dog while you stand there and watch.

First of all, there are many people with personal situations and issues in their lives for which this fun toy can be very applicable. Even if you are someone who can throw a ball without any problem and just want to let your dog have fun with itself so be it.

The whole point of having a pet is to make it a part of the family so get out there and get some exercise with your dog, and if you really want to make the most of the retriever breeds then hire a trainer and learn how to do it right starting right off with common obedience.


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Try on This Painless Retriever Training for the Ultra Lazy