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Try to Count How Many Deer Are in This Stampede [VIDEO]

Try to count how many deer there are in this stampede. Just try.

As this video opens, it quickly becomes clear that there are quite a few deer in this field.

Perhaps around 50 or so are seen milling around. Some have their tails up in cautious unease, while others are completely unconcerned with anything going on around them.

Then, as more white tails flip up and they start to move, the camera pans back and scans a much wider field of view. It turns out, there are a LOT more deer in this herd.

Deer Stampede 200+ Deer by minceartery

When you think the stampede is almost over, another big group can been seen fleeing from a different part of the field. It is honestly impossible to count the number of them – it’s mind boggling.

So, what caused a herd-wide panic? You can hear the two people whispering from behind the camera throughout the video, and speculate as to what might have happened.

They point out that one startled deer doesn’t usually spook the entire herd (particularly one of that magnitude), so there is likely some sort of predator nearby making them nervous.

Possibly a coyote? We may never know… All I know is, I’d have paid money to see this deer stampede.

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Try to Count How Many Deer Are in This Stampede [VIDEO]