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Try These Archery Trick Shots in Your Backyard

Watch as this superb young archer executes a few archery trick shots that will blow you away.

There are a few things hardcore archery enthusiasts love. For starters, most archers love simply watching a fall day unfold in front of them and the animals they pursue. Also, who doesn’t love the feeling as you approach an animal who has fallen to your archery gear. Those moments are what archery is all about.

Another thing archers have always appreciated are challenging archery trick shots. Trick shots have always been a part of the archery experience and capture our attention.

Watch as this young archer pulls off some impressive archery trick shots.

As previously mentioned, archery trick shots like these have always been part of archery tradition.

Think back to your earliest memories of archery. They probably include learning about the accomplishments of historic archers like Robin Hood. Even today when an archer shoots an arrow through the nock of another arrow it is called a “Robin Hood.”

Another great archery trick shot that has gone down in history is the historic shot William Tell allegedly made. What people don’t know are the circumstances behind that shot and the revolution it inspired.

Legend says that William Tell was caught disobeying a city law and both he and his son were seized. The local ruler declared that Tell was to shoot an apple off his son’s head at a distance of 120 paces. If he missed and killed his son, William would also be put to death.

Tell marched off the required 120 steps, loaded up his crossbow, and proceeded to knock the apple off his son’s head in possibly the most memorable archery trick shot of all time. Tell was still subsequently arrested and jailed. Here is where the story gets interesting.

After a brief stay in prison he escaped and fled to the countryside. He returned home and inspired a revolution that created the independent nation of Switzerland we know today.

These events seem to reinforce Fred Bear’s classic quote that “the story of the bow and arrow is the story of mankind.”

It is doubtful the archery trick shots in the video will inspire a revolution, but they do carry on the tradition of incredible trick shots in the history of archery.



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Try These Archery Trick Shots in Your Backyard