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Try a Drift Boat Fly Fishing Trip This Fall to See What the Hype is About

Completing your first drift boat fly fishing trip will add another addiction to your angling list.

Haven’t tried a drift boat fly fishing trip yet? You don’t know what you’re missing.  Putting yourself on a river on a good drift boat with a knowledgeable guide will open up a whole new world of possibilities to get a tight line.

After much research and internet surfing, my wife and I finally nailed down our fishing trip this last August with the decision to try a drift boat trip. We booked in with the pros of Grindstone Angling for a full day on the Saugeen River in Ontario, Canada.

The drift boat is a nimble yet robust fly fishing craft

For a full day, we floated a long length of this renowned trout and bass river with the head guide and owner of Grindstone Angling, John Valk. If you are looking for one of the most professional guide services I have ever witnessed, this is the operation for you. They work hard to put you on the fish.

Like all great guides John coupled his over-four decades of fly fishing experience with the nuanced ability to teach and get a client on the fish. We felt like we got some world-class instruction right alongside some great fishing.  Having opened Grindstone in 1993 he has an intimate knowledge of the local rivers and waterways; not to mention he keeps the laughs going with a lifetime worth of fishing and guiding stories. Mr. Valk has guided in the west and east and almost all other points of the compass.

Cindy smiling
The author’s wife, Cindy, enjoying the great fishing and views from the drift boat

While the fishing was a bit slow because of heavy rains that had clouded the waters the night before, we had a series of good hook-ups and some very nice and powerful bass attacking our poppers and flies. The real magic of the drift boat was being able to cover miles of water with a guide who knew where to cast your flies and also soak up some fantastic scenery and wildlife along the way.

fish size ready
A Saugeen River bass with the author caught while drifting the banks

Having done walk-and-wade fly fishing for a number of years, I don’t know why we waited so long to try this experience out. What I do know for sure is this definitely won’t be the last drift boat trip. Large sleek steelheads are on my list and Grindstone has not heard the last from me.

interior of boat
The inside of a quality drift boat will give you plenty of casting room, support and storage space for fly rods and gear

Drift boat fishing is not just an experience you can only get in the west, it is becoming increasingly popular on some great eastern rivers also, and so wherever you live book in with a reputable guide; you won’t be disappointed.



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Try a Drift Boat Fly Fishing Trip This Fall to See What the Hype is About