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Truth Isn't Fear Mongering, the Truth is Terrorism is at Our Doorstep

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Is it fear mongering when a Navy Seal who's witnessed the threat of radical Islamic terror firsthand tells you to be prepared?

Who are you going to believe: a guy who's actually witnessed the threat of radical Islam, or a liberal politician who tries to appease our enemies?

Navy Seal Dom Raso again cuts to the chase. He gets accused of "fear mongering" by the left when he tells the truth about radical Islamic terror, as well as when he criticizes those who would take away our most basic freedom to defend ourselves with firearms.

"Who do you trust to tell you when there's a threat of terrorism brought on by an ideology that we, as Americans, don't understand?" he asks.

"We're so worried about being politically correct that it gets in the way of the real problems," Raso declares.

He's right. A good portion of America has become so skittish and afraid of being of offending or being offended that they've become stymied. There are threats in the world that we need to be prepared for. The desire for political correctness hinders that preparedness.

"Politicians even created the lie of 'gun free zones' to comfort the minds of the clueless," he says. "Terrorists do not care."

Neither do your everyday, run-of-the-mill criminals. They will circumvent laws that restrict magazine capacity, call for gun free zones, or ban weapons from the hands of law-abiding citizens.

It's insanity.

"We can do our best to prepare for those threats by arming and training ourselves," says Raso. "Or, we can pretend we can eliminate those threats by eliminating the Second Amendment rights of the law-abiding citizen, and letting every undocumented alien imaginable into our country."

He concludes:

This stuff doesn't happen, until it does. And then you'll be looking at somebody else to save you. Every single day millions of Americans buckle their seatbelts when they get into their vehicles. Not because they plan on getting into an accident, but because if they're in one, it may save their lives.

Is it fear mongering when you're told to buckle up?

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Truth Isn't Fear Mongering, the Truth is Terrorism is at Our Doorstep