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The Truth About the Green Tip Ammo Ban [VIDEO]

This message needs to get out there before the latest proposed ammo ban becomes a reality.

I took it upon myself to create a response to the latest news regarding the “Green Tip” ammo ban.

In my opinion, we could be at the beginning of a series of panic buying the ammunition market has never seen before.

All my family and I ask is that you watch this video, because it’s extremely important to us. And it should be to you.


NATO rounds, or .223 and 5.56, along with the AR-15 pistol, have plenty of misconceptions surrounding them. All I’m trying to do is help clear them up.

If you’d like to respond to the ATF yourself, please go to and do so.

You can view the legislation here.

Please, for the sake of our Second Amendment rights, think about this one.


Without our voices to hear, the powers that be may be making a decision without fully realizing the ramifications.

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The Truth About the Green Tip Ammo Ban [VIDEO]