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Trump and Trump Jr. Comment On the Future of U.S. Public Lands

Daily Mail

The fate of U.S. public lands is a hot topic for hunters and anglers. The Trumps discussed the issue at the 2016 SHOT show.

Historically, outdoorsmen and women have had a tough decision to make when they hit the voting booth. Do they vote for the party that wants to take away their guns or the one who wants to give up control of U.S. public lands? Tough stuff.

At the 2016 SHOT show, Donald Trump made waves yet again by stating that he was not in favor of transferring control of U.S. public lands. When asked about why hunters, anglers, hikers, and birders should get his vote Trump said, "Because I'm going to keep it going. If you look at the federal lands right now, they're a mess. They're an absolute mess. And I'm hearing it more and more."

Throughout the SHOT show, Trump was accompanied by his son, Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump Jr. is an active outdoorsman and seems to be acting as his father's spokesman to the outdoor community. He said:

I think when I look at the outdoors, both hunting and fishing, and frankly anything else, it just kept us out of a lot of other trouble growing up. To have a wholesome option like that is important. So keeping public lands open -- making sure they're maintained, making sure they're not sold off to the highest bidder and turned private -- it's a very important issue for us.

Aside from his views on U.S. public lands, Trump is also a major believer in the Second Amendment, scoring more points with sportsmen and women.

It's always hard to know whether or not candidates will keep their campaign promises, but Trump may have earned himself some votes by splitting from the party line on U.S. public lands.

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Trump and Trump Jr. Comment On the Future of U.S. Public Lands