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Truly Man-Made Deer Call Techniques [VIDEO]

It may not be some of the most civilized noises you have ever heard, but it works.

Yep. It might seem gross, but all the calls in this video were truly “man-made.” The calls work, but if made at the wrong time, they fall on sensitive but deaf ears.

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Making the right noise at the wrong time means it was in fact not the right noise. Deer are pretty unforgiving when it comes to calls. Scent, noise, movement or anything else you can do wrong in the woods won’t be taken kindly. A surprise burp has called in bucks for hunters, so timing is as important as anything.

The “handsome devil” in this video makes these noises and can vary the tone when the situation dictates a younger buck sound versus a mature buck vocalization. Calling deer involves paying attention to other deer, body language, and what part of the season you are hunting.

Whoever thought by simply blowing your nose you could catch a whitetail’s attention? A man-made deer call can really benefit you with practice.

Have you ever called in a buck with an unexpected belch? Do you call blindly with any success? Let us know in the comments.

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Truly Man-Made Deer Call Techniques [VIDEO]