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True or False: Deer Hunting Camo is Overrated

deer hunting camo

Do you really need the best deer hunting camo money can buy? Think again. 

All across the U.S., we are entering the peak of deer season and seeing which bucks made it from last year as well as what new bucks are in the area for this year. A few good walks through the woods scouting new properties or just checking old ones sure does gets the brain fired up for fall.

Naturally, new deer hunting camo always come to mind. This year, listen to science before you make that purchase.


The QDMA has done a lot of their own research on this very topic. Not very surprisingly, all of the data has come back pretty much the same. Deer can spot movement like nobody's business, and they can see shades of white, black, blue, and even yellow. What this means is that the most important factor in concealment is simply not to move. Secondly, it's making sure your outline is broken up and the camo pattern isn't blue or yellow.

So now, think of all the camo that is out there on store shelves or on some website. They all boast being the best at concealment. Are any camo patterns blue? Are any camo patterns yellow? Obviously the answer is no, but what this does is put all deer hunting camo on equal footing.


Per all this research though, what is important is the ability for the camo to break up outlines. Just wearing a single orange sweatshirt is good, but wearing an orange sweatshirt with lines to breakup up the pattern is better.

Overall, as long as you are looking for a deer hunting camo pattern that is appropriate for the weather, breaks up your outline against your surrounds, and is comfortable, go for the cheap stuff. Otherwise, all you are doing is paying more money just for big name camo that has the same effectiveness to a deer's eye as an orange jumpsuit. As long as your movement is very subtle, it just doesn't matter to a deer.

Whatever you do, don't let those big name camo makers know we said this.

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True or False: Deer Hunting Camo is Overrated