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True Anglers Will Love This Fishing Rant from TV’s ‘Scandal’

In this clip from ‘Scandal,’ Rowan Pope’s character decries those who don’t understand fishing.

The popular TV show, “Scandal,” rarely takes place outside the realm of politics, but this clip features a fishing rant all anglers can enjoy.

Check out this clip and discover how a fishing rant in “Scandal” can bring together the dramatic and the fishermen.

Rowan Pope, as you just saw, loves the intricacies of fishing. Anglers should agree that casting, positing, weather, water, lures, lines, and actual fish are some of the many things that influence a fishing trip. But if this fishing rant tells you anything, it should communicate that anything can happen and anything will happen on a fishing trip.

He says there are many things that go into fishing, but based on your performance, you always know one thing about the outcome: “You know it’s not luck, but you do not know by how much.”

The odds are in your favor and in the favor of the fish, but no one knows what will happen if you don’t show up.


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True Anglers Will Love This Fishing Rant from TV’s ‘Scandal’