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Trout Seen Carrying a Swiss Army Knife…in its Head [PICS]


This Swiss Army knife-carrying trout from Switzerland has earned our award for toughest fish still swimming.

It’s not known just how this trout got a Swiss Army knife lodged in its head, but it is safe to assume that some…ahem…misguided person thought it would be funny to stab the fish with their knife.

This is one tough trout. Imgur

However, this fish proved to be one tough customer and swam off with the culprit’s knife and continues to show off its trophy despite the uncomfortable location it is lodged.

You don’t want to mess with this fish. Imgur

I’m pretty sure that this particular trout isn’t going to be getting much trouble from the bigger fish in the area anymore. The things that animals can survive and live through are sometimes incredible. It is just unfortunate that there are people in our world who get their kicks from harming animals and treating them inhumanely.

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Trout Seen Carrying a Swiss Army Knife…in its Head [PICS]