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Trout in Texas

Did you know there were trout in Texas?

So admit it, you read the headline and thought "What? Trout in Texas?" Yes, there are Rainbow and Brown Trout in Texas. Most people outside the state have no idea. It is one of the best kept secrets in Texas.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department did a study before starting the program back in the 80s. They wanted to know if these feisty little fish might survive somewhere in Texas. The answer came back, yes!

The places were McKittrick Canyon and the Guadalupe River (Canyon Tailrace Section) right outside New Braunfels, a favorite hotspot for native Texans. All except for a few ardent fly-fisherman had their doubts. The supporters felt that the fish would eventually adapt.

They seem to have done just that. Although they still need their cold temperatures; the minimal holdover survivors find suitable habitat while continuing to grow their numbers, year after year.

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The longest surviving rainbow trout population resides in Gruene, Texas. They survive in tailrace areas below large dams such as Canyon Reservoir.

The TPWD stocks about 136+ state and city parks, lakes, rivers, ponds, canals and creeks with 280,000 Rainbow Trout (around 12" in length) from November through March every year. However, the only ones to thrive are New Braunfel's Guadalupe River trout in the Canyon Tailrace, near the dam.

There are now spawning native Texas RainbowOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and Browns there, since the program began 30 years ago. It is not just the TPWD that are stocking these waters, either. The Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited organization also stocks theses waters with trophy trout only.

This river produces some of the best quality large girth trout you can find just about anywhere. The TU release section of the Canyon Tailrace is a well-kept secret. But, if you talk to some of the local fisherman they can point you in the right direction.

You'll need a kayak for that golden stretch of river. Fishermen regularly pull up 3-8 pound trout there. These waters produced the state record back in the 90s, when a 10-pound, 28" Rainbow was caught.

How do you fish for these tasty little morsels, you ask? By far, the simplest and fastest way to fish for these little guys are with red salmon eggs.

They love salmon eggs like kids love candy. You can use a fly fishing rod setup, or use a bobber to help children enjoy a successful fishing experience. Bait two eggs on the end of a small hook and go for it. Also, don't be intimidated because it is a new experience, try your hand at fly-fishing. This is one of the most popular ways to fish, in the rest of the nation, for a reason.

Read the original article for more info, and for specific stocking areas.


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Trout in Texas