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Trout, Give Me Some RESPECT [VIDEO]

Trout respect

Sometimes it feels like we give and give but the one thing we never quite get back from the animals we are after is respect.

As conservationists, respect is one of the biggest things we focus on as we hunt or fish for our favorite game. But sometimes that respect can be much more one-sided than we would like.

The respect that we give to animals is well deserved. As we fish and hunt we are going into their homes and environments and trying to catch or kill them. While our motives are usually good and we strive to harvest those animals in the most ethical way possible, we should certainly still show them as much respect as we can. But, sometimes we find that they don’t feel the same about giving us respect.

Check out this video published by Stefan Ågren of Emilie who was trying to film a fly fishing expedition in Norway, found out the hard way that the fish had no respect for her on a recent trip but decided to continue with the filming and publishing process anyway.

This is a great example of how the fish, whether actively or not, give us anglers no respect and while it can be frustrating, it is still a day on the water, which is better than a day most anywhere else.

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Trout, Give Me Some RESPECT [VIDEO]