Do Trout Get Cranky?

We know humans certainly do, but do trout get cranky?

I was in a less than charitable mood the other day and, as a means of lightening my mood, I decided to think about my favorite sport: fly fishing for trout.

After turning my mind to that most pleasurable of pursuits, it must have followed a rather convoluted path to arrive at this very serious question: Do trout ever get cranky?

Trout in the News

1,600 Rainbow Trout Seized From New Mexico Home

Before you laugh, think about it for a minute. After all, just imagine what life would be like if there were monsters flying over your house and you had to be on guard every moment of every day to keep from being stabbed, yanked and eventually eaten.

Don't you think that would be just a little bit stressful?

As if that weren't enough already, what if your HOA frequently change the rules concerning what type and size of house you could have, and where it is to be located. Then they force you to make your house larger, smaller, a different style, or even move it to another location in order to comply with their arbitrary rule changes.

Would you not be ticked off?

Then, what if you have constant gale force wind howling around your home 24/7. You can't open the windows or doors, then your air conditioner breaks down and causes your house to become so hot that you literally felt like you are going to suffocate.

Anglers, habitat, relocation, strong water currents and temperatures all affect the trout, but they have learned over the generations to adapt and in many cases thrive. Unfortunately, in other cases, their populations have been decimated.

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It's a laundry list of concerns, even if I took creative license to describe them.

So, let's see here, we have monsters, an HOA that is doing Lord knows what, a constant gale force wind, and a house so hot you can't stand to stay in it.

Well folks, that is what life is like for a trout every single day. Personally, I would not be at all surprised if they got a little cranky now and then.

After all, I certainly would under those circumstances!

What do you think makes trout and other fish species cranky?

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