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Trout Fishing for the Whole Family

Trout fishing can be great fun, especially when your family joins you.

While some avid anglers enjoy the art of trout fishing alone, there are many more who prefer to share their passion for the sport with others. With some many electronic gizmos and gadgets constantly beeping, ringing, buzzing, and vying for everyone’s attention these days, there’s never been a better time or a better way to disconnect from 21st century distractions and (re)connect with the whole family than by trout fishing.

In addition to (finally) seeing the kids without game controls seemingly attached to their fingers and your spouse without the ever-present cellphone, here are some other reasons to take the whole family trout fishing:

It’s inexpensive

Outside of a fishing license that needs to be renewed each season, the only other expense will be for trout fishing equipment. A nice spinning reel or a decent fly fishing combo can be purchased starting at around $35 (and going up to hundreds of dollars).

You’ll need tackle and line, both of the small and light varieties. Earthworms are always an economical choice, and trout love them. A live well (read: bucket) or a stringer is important to keep your catch fresh and alive for as long as possible.


Other helpful and convenient equipment can include: hip or chest waders, along with any/all other supplies of preference. For later, a grill, a cooler, chairs, and grilling utensils can help extend the day beyond the lake or stream. As long as the equipment is well cared for and stored appropriately during the off-season months, the initial one-time investment will pay off for many enjoyable seasons to come.

It’s outdoors

It’s no secret that kids today spend more time inside texting and playing video games than ever before. Taking the whole family trout fishing gets everyone outside, together, for hours at a time. Since rivers and streams are away from the sights and sounds of the city, the only distractions will be chirping of the birds, the buzzing of the bees, and the warmth of the sun.

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It’s easy

No need to take classes or read a 500-page manual to trout fish. Learning a few casting techniques (depending on the top of fishing rod chosen) simply takes practice and patience.

It’s not complicated; no one has to get certified; any family member able to stand in about 10 inches of cold, fresh water and cast and hold a fishing rod can trout fish.

For the most part, fishing in a river, stream, pond, or lake is free; enjoying a beautiful day in the great outdoors with family is free; creating fun and laughter-filled memories that will last a lifetime for each member of the family is the kind of fish tale you’ll really enjoy telling.

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Trout Fishing for the Whole Family