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Trout Fishing Russia: A Kamchatka River Adventure [VIDEO]

A Kamchatka River Adventure

If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience, trout fishing Russia is an option with the Kamchatka River adventure.

Tailwaters Travel Co. offers some of the most amazing fishing opportunities on Earth.

With trips to fit virtually any fisherman, there is a good chance you can find the fishing trips of your dreams.

If your dreams involve days and days of practically untouched river, then a Kamchatka River adventure in Russia may be the trip for you.

While Russia may not be most people's first thought when it comes to fishing locations, you can't argue with the results. As someone who loves the backcountry, I love the fact that this trip has to start with a helicopter ride to get out to the river.

An eight-day Kamchatka River adventure (with five full days of fishing) starts at just under $7,000 plus airfare. Not cheap, but not as costly as one might expect for this kind of adventure.

If I ever hit the jackpot, this is somewhere I'd love to fish.

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Trout Fishing Russia: A Kamchatka River Adventure [VIDEO]