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Trophy Florida Largemouth Fishing All on Topwater

Is there a better way to catch trophy Florida largemouth than using topwater lures? 

Florida is flat out famous for big bass. In this incredibly well made video, trophy Florida largemouth fall like dominoes for topwater lures all day long. All of fishing is about being in the right place at the time when a feeding fish is ready to eat, and these guys do an incredible job of getting it done.

Just try to not sit in your chair and accidently set the hook out of pure reflexes from all this bass catching action.

Yeah, makes me ready to head to Florida, especially if catching bass like that is this easy. I have fished the Big O a few times, but only using shiners and a few spinnerbaits. The time of year I've been there, the topwater bite just wasn't as strong as you just watched.

No doubt about it, catching big bass on top is what bass fishing dreams are made of, but catching trophy Florida largemouth on top just might be a life goal worth pursuing.

If bass like these aren't near you, who cares. Any bass caught on top is a worthwhile fish.


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Trophy Florida Largemouth Fishing All on Topwater