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Trophy Deer Head Stolen in Wisconsin, Body Left Behind

An unlucky hunter had his trophy deer head stolen overnight in Monroe, Wisconsin, sparking Department of Natural Resources and Sheriff's Office involvement.

According to, a CBS affiliate in Wisconsin, Jameson Smith of Monroe woke Monday morning to find the deer he had shot the day before had its head sawed off, leaving the body but destroying the hopes of enshrining the buck and preserving it as a mount.

Smith had left the carcass of his ten-point trophy buck in the back of his pickup and planned to register and butcher it before taking it to the taxidermist.

The deer was Smith's first big buck after 17 years of hunting. The situation was described best by the hunter, who called it "disheartening."

"I made a perfect shot on him, got him and everything. I was on top of the world and that all came crashing down this morning," Smith told News 3.

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The Green County Sheriff's Department is helping Smith by posting photos on social media outlets and soliciting help and information from anyone who may know more about the incident. The DNR is also involved.

Have you ever heard of anything like this? What does the culprit deserve? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Trophy Deer Head Stolen in Wisconsin, Body Left Behind