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TrollPro Lets You Document Your Fishing Battles [VIDEO]

Tired of watching youtube videos of underwater battles that'd make your grandma snore?

This video from makes you want to grab a Trollpro and show YouTube what it means to be an angler.


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One of the things that distinguishes the professional anglers from the amateurs is the awesome, awesome records they have of fighting their quarry.

With GoPro cameras getting ever smaller and more durable, the good folks at TrollPro are trying to make professional angling video production available to the consumer with their TrollPro hard-case series.

TrollPros house the entire line of Hero HD, Hero 2, Hero 3 and Hero 3+ cameras, and are good to a depth of 130ft. They can hang off your line, or just from the back of the boat, and endeavor to give the amateur angler pro videos at amateur prices.

So does it work?

Well, look at the video above. Kinda. To get a Nat-Geo style video of a Marlin fighting, you need a much more sophisticated rig, but, this can certainly work well if you're just looking to capture a couple bragging-rights videos from a fishing trip.


If you're going a little deeper, you can try their Down-Rigger series, or, if you're going after bigger predators, trying the 6-armed DredgePro.

Are there things you can supplement your fishing trip with that cost $150 that might enhance it a little more, but, if you're both a fishing fanatic and an videophile, this might just be the camera case for you.

Trollpro- awesome addition, or expensive plastic baggie? Let us know in the comments below.

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TrollPro Lets You Document Your Fishing Battles [VIDEO]