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Trio Face Huge Fines for Trafficking Elk and Moose Meat


Three people charged with trafficking moose and elk meat in Alberta to pay thousands in fines. 

Three people from Darwell, Alberta have been charged for selling moose and elk meat after wildlife officers busted their trafficking ring during a four year investigation.

Eva and Daisy Potts along with Ryan Grandbois-Faulds all pleaded guilty to wildlife trafficking during their hearing on Tuesday.

They are all being charged under the Wildlife Act. They face fines up to $15,000 each and were ordered to report any of their hunting activities for the next five years.

Investigations began into the trio back in 2010 after officials received a tip they were selling venison and other meat illegally.

In 2014, after a lengthy investigation, officers moved in and busted up the trafficking ring. They seized over 300 packages of both moose and elk meat that was worth nearly $6,500.

Three others have already been charged with 19 counts of wildlife trafficking connected to the same operation. They were ordered to pay fines between $6,900 and $27,240.

"The bigger impact when people are selling the wildlife is they're actually out there poaching a resource away from everybody else," Andy Nestorovich with Spruce Grove Fish and Wildlife told Global News Canada. "Any Unregulated trade in wildlife helps fuel the black market demand, which could lead to increased poaching and pressure on animal populations."


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Trio Face Huge Fines for Trafficking Elk and Moose Meat