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Yowza! Triggerfish Takes a Bite of Spearfisherman's Groin


This triggerfish may have lost the war, but it won the battle!

This spearfisherman was enjoying a pleasant day of spearfishing, up until one triggerfish decided it wasn't going down without a fight.

The result is something that is both painful and hilarious to watch at the same time.

Aw nuts! While a triggerfish has small jaws, they are filled with some decent teeth that are made for crushing the tough shells of its prey. And they are known for their aggressive behavior and hard bite, as evidenced by the guy's loud screams of agony.

You have to love the reaction of his friends. Zero sympathy, just laughs. Of course, it's always hilarious as long as it isn't happening to you!

Something tells me this guy will be a little more cautious next time he goes spearfishing for triggerfish.


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Yowza! Triggerfish Takes a Bite of Spearfisherman's Groin