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Trick Shot! 22Plinkster Hits a Swinging Penny Behind His Back

22Plinkster heeds the call of his fans and attempts to shoot a swinging penny, behind his back, Annie Oakley style with the aid of a mirror.

22Plinkster returns to trick shooting with his latest video. In it he attempts to nail a penny swinging back and forth on a string. That’s pretty easy, you might say…and you’d be correct. So, he grabs a hand mirror, turns around and tries to hit the penny that way. Now that’s a little trickier!

22Plinkster is shooting the new CCI Copper-22, the fastest .22 long rifle cartridge on the market. It travels at a blistering 1850 fps. (He promises an ammo review soon.)

Using a Henry Golden Boy lever action rifle he maintains that this is a very difficult shot, as he has to “ambush” the swinging penny. He needs to get a rhythm going before shooting. And he needs to do it by looking in a mirror and judging the scene in reverse, so to speak. It does sound like an incredibly difficult shot.

He missed it the first time. “Oh man,” he says. “I thought I was going to turn around and see that penny gone! I was all over it. Let me try it again.”  But the second attempt is golden. Knocked it right from the string! “Nailed it! Nailed it! Nailed it! Nailed it!” he says excitedly.

Somehow, missing the first attempt only reinforces the coolness of this shot.

Check out some more amazing trick shots from 22Plinkster, such as skipping a bullet across the water to hit a balloon – behind his back! – and splitting a playing card while driving by on a tractor. Incredible!

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Trick Shot! 22Plinkster Hits a Swinging Penny Behind His Back