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Trick Shooting with a Winchester 1873 and The Gunny [VIDEO]


Watch R. Lee Emery, aka The Gunny, do some Winchester 1873 trick shooting with Kirsten Joy Weiss.

Trick shooting videos are always a blast to watch and this one is no different. Not only is it filled with some great displays of accuracy with a beautiful rifle, but it also has The Gunny, which makes every shooting video even better.

The Gunny's partner in this video is YouTube shooting sensation Kirsten Joy Weiss. She starts off the action by showing off her skills with the lever-action rifle before handing it off to The Gunny to see what he can do. Once he proves his skill with the rifle, The Gunny hands things back to Kirsten. The sharpshooter then puts on a very impressive display. You'll have to watch the video to see it.

The impressive shooting in the video is only enhanced by the personalities involved. Add in the slow motion replays and the 4K resolution, and you have one great trick shooting video on your hands.

Just don't blame me if you get sucked into the YouTube vortex and find yourself watching more of Kirsten's videos for the next hour!

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Trick Shooting with a Winchester 1873 and The Gunny [VIDEO]