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Trick Out Your AR-15 with Wilson Combat’s Signature Grip

wilson combat grip
Wilson Combat

Here’s what you need to add a bit of “custom” to your AR-15.

Wilson Combat is well known for being best in class when it comes to crafting custom weapons. When you first fire a Wilson firearm, there’s an instant feeling of precision that can be felt throughout the weapon. There isn’t one aspect to any one of their firearms that is less than perfect. Everything from their actions right down to the screws that hold the hand guard in place is engineered to extreme precision.

Besides crafting phenomenal weapons, Wilson is known for having some pretty nifty-looking grips that started out on their pistol platforms. The “starburst” grip not only looks awesome, it provides the shooter with a comfortable yet tough position when firing. As we all know, it’s harder than it should be to find a grip that’s comfortable to shoot all day and won’t chew up your hand.

Due to the popularity of these grips and a great response from folks who own them, the company has released the starburst grip for an AR-15 platform (queue the drooling). For $30, you can simply add this grip as you would any other to your favorite rifle. Definitely a head-turner at the range! Thank you for releasing these, Wilson Combat.

wilson combat, ar-15


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Trick Out Your AR-15 with Wilson Combat’s Signature Grip