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Watch How Fun it is to Trick a Squirrel [VIDEO]

How to deter a thieving squirrel.

All those hunts that were plagued by annoying squirrels may be the main reason I find this video so amusing.

This video by Robert Krampf of a thieving squirrel was shot in Johnson Caynon, Utah and shows a rock squirrel that had been stealing all of the bird seed from the feeder.  Watch the video to see what happened.

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In a post on The Happy Scientist website, Krampf explains that he has another feeder for the squirrels so he wanted to make this feeder just for the birds. This squirrel was using both feeders so to keep it away from the bird’s food Kampf put vaseline on the pole leading up to the feed.

All I know is, it made for a funny video watching that squirrel fireman slide down that pole and listening to Kampf and his wife do squirrel voice-overs.


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Watch How Fun it is to Trick a Squirrel [VIDEO]