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A NSFW Tribute to One of the Most Famous Guns, the Desert Eagle [VIDEO]

Quick! Name all the movie scenes you can remember where somebody is shooting a Desert Eagle. Don’t worry, this tribute video will help.

It seems that just about every great action star, whether good guys or bad, has shot a Desert Eagle at each other in one movie or the next. For example, do you remember the scene from The Matrix, where Neo and Agent Smith meet and empty both of their guns at each other followed by epic hand to hand combat? That’s a Desert Eagle in Agent Smith’s hand.

How about Bullet Tooth Tony from the cult classic Snatch, or even Jack Slater from Last Action Hero? Both enjoy lobbing love nuggets from their Desert Eagles at their desired targets. In this video from Петрик, a whole series of movie scenes are highlighted, along with the Desert Eagle, proving why it is the most famous weapon of choice in the land of Hollywood.

WARNING: Strong language in the video. Viewer discretion advised.

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Pretty impressive stuff, if not a little vulgar at times… My personal favorite?

What other movies can you name where they are using a Desert Eagle? Name them out in the comments!

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A NSFW Tribute to One of the Most Famous Guns, the Desert Eagle [VIDEO]