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Tribal Bowfishing with Organic Poison [VIDEO]

Hundreds gather to shoot, spear and net poisioned fish.

For centuries native Amazon people like the Ashaninka tribe have used liquified Barbasco plant to poison fish in the river and gather by the hundreds to catch, spear and bowfish the stunned fish.

The Barbasco plant contains a natural poison that is an insecticide, pesticide and piscicide (fish poison). The natives use an exact amount in three separate places in the river. The local villagers of all ages wait down river and gather the fish, bowfishing from shore and from rafts.

Although natural, Barbasco’s poisonous chemical rotenone is toxic to vertebrates and non-vertebrates. Native people have perfected the amount of poison to use over the centuries.

It’s a jungle out there!

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Tribal Bowfishing with Organic Poison [VIDEO]