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Should Trespassing to Retrieve Deer Be Legal?


Losing a deer can be gut-wrenching and can leave a hunter with many questions about ethics and skill. Some Wisconsin hunters are lobbying to make trespassing to retrieve deer legal. 

One southern Wisconsin hunter has taken it upon himself to change the law about trespassing to retrieve game. Marc Udelhofen, a hunter from Baraboo, WI, is asking the Wisconsin legislature to change private property access laws to allow hunters to retrieve game from private property, even without the landowner's permission.

According to Udelhofen's petition on, he is asking the legislature to allow a hunter who are accompanied by law enforcement to access private land even when the landowner denies access.

The petition states, in part, "I'm proposing a change to create a law and Wisconsin Hunting Regulation to allow access with proper authorities i.e. Local Game Warden or Sheriff to retrieve game with the hunter after a property owner has denied access."

According to a report by WBAY, local authorities are not in favor of this change because of the manpower it could take to stay with a hunter traipsing through the woods to retrieve game.

The Brown County Sheriff's office does provide guidance to help prevent issues. They say to do your homework and legwork ahead of time to gain permission and if you don't have it, try your best to hunt away from points of crossing.

No doubt this isn't always viable, but careful planning can help alleviate some of these issues.

This is not an easy problem to resolve, but if you live in Wisconsin and feel passionately about it, you can always join the other 358 people who have signed the petition.

In order to be moved forward to Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, it needs 500 signatures.

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Should Trespassing to Retrieve Deer Be Legal?