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Trespasser Jailed After Confrontation in Food Plot

thief interrupts hunt

This hunter was enjoying a peaceful hunt in his food plot when things were interrupted by a shady visitor.

The video we shared last week has more to the story, as the hunter involved has spoken out revealing the trespasser has been arrested.

First, watch the video to get up to speed, then read more about what Brodie Swisher had to say.

Swisher instantly realized something was amiss as the thug, face covered by a hoodie and wearing baggy pants on the warm afternoon, strolled through the woods.

He seemed to be on a mission as he quickly walked across the food plot. I honestly didn’t really think he was interested in my Double Bull blind.

But at just 15 feet from the blind, and totally oblivious to my presence, he took a step my way as if he wanted to snoop. When he made his final steps to my blind I shouted, “What are you doing, Son!?!?” It scared him so bad he nearly did a backflip.

“Oh, just walking around,” he said in response to my question. “I think I’m lost.”

The moment he began to speak I recognized his voice. His face was well hidden with his hoodie, but his squeaky voice was unmistakable. When I probed for his name he got squirrely and defensive. When I made sure he knew he was on camera, he was ready to leave in a hurry.

Turns out, the man had several warrants out for his arrest, and within 24 hours, he was back in jail.

I think most landowners would trade one spoiled hunt for such a happy ending.


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Trespasser Jailed After Confrontation in Food Plot