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5 Travel Challenges in Today’s Regulated Outdoors

Troy Rodakowski

Travel can be challenging these days. Permits for this, tags for that, licenses to do this: they just keep on coming.

No matter where we’re traveling or what we are doing in the great outdoors, we all have a place to be. Regulations control how we move about, and they seem to be increasing.

1. Convenience of Travel

Travel is quite often about convenience and ease. What does it take to get somewhere in the least amount of time and the easiest way possible? This is the major driving factor (no pun intended) in how we all travel in our favorite “wide open space.”

For example, in wilderness areas that do not allow motorized access, we find the easiest and most cost-effective travel method available, some of the most popular being bicycle, hiking and horseback.

These methods require some energy, and most folks need to be in fairly good physical shape. Traveling by truck, ATV or other motorized means tends to require less physical fitness and energy.

2016 Ram Rebel
2016 Ram Rebel

2. Counting Costs

Oh, and don’t forget about the money! Fuel, energy and time all have a cost, no matter which way you slice it. You know that $65,000 truck or $8,000 ATV both take fuel, a $10,000 horse needs feed and shots, that $800 bicycle needs maintenance, that fancy $350 backpack needs gear, your body needs nutrients, and it all costs money.

Once we establish exactly what it takes to do what we enjoy, we can set our travel goals and pursue them. Unfortunately, nothing is free of cost, but being systematic when thinking through your travel plans can make things a whole lot cheaper.

3. Invisible Borders

Of course, there are the permits, licenses and regulations specific to each destination. One might travel from one county to the next, needing not only a state park permit but a county pass as well. Each state and county is different. Following the laws of the land is important, as much of the money goes to conservation, habitat enhancement and maintenance.

4. The Friendly Skies

Talk about challenges. Cancelled flights, layovers, lost luggage, missed connections, and so much more. It has happened to all of us who frequently take to the air. TSA searches and security scans get old and annoying at times. Air travel most definitely is not what it once was. PLUS, it’s expensive.

5. Life On Hold

No matter where we go and how long we put our lives on hold, back in the “real world” we have commitments, bills to pay and homes to take care of. Not to mention, we need to work and make money to pay for it all. It is always tough coming home and “getting back in the swing of things.”  Memories and adventure often come with a premium price tag. No matter where we decide to spend our time and money, there will always be a way to get there.


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5 Travel Challenges in Today’s Regulated Outdoors