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Trapping Pest Raccoon with Dog Proof Traps

Got a pest problem? Looking for some extra cash on this year's trapline? Trapping raccoon with dog proof traps might be the answer.

With cold air moving in for the winter, and morning frosts greeting us each morning, trappers everywhere are getting amped up for this year's trapline. One animal in particular trappers will be targeting are raccoons.

In recent years the development of the dog-proof raccoon trap has changed the game when it comes to catching these curious creatures.

Take a look at this video put out by professional trapper Tom Florin about trapping raccoon with dog proof traps.

Dog proof traps are easy to use and can be set almost anywhere. Most designs come with a stake attached right at the bottom of the trap so setting them is a breeze.

I had a friend of mine sum up these foolproof traps by saying, "If you can drive a stake in the ground, you can trap raccoons."

Another handy innovation manufactures have developed for these traps are plate systems to stand your trap up if the ground is frozen, if you want to trap on ice, or if you want to trap on other hard surfaces like asphalt. They have truly revolutionized the raccoon trapping world.

These simple traps are great for beginners or for people simply looking to remove a pest from their neighborhood. Raccoons are wedging themselves into niches in our towns and cities more and more these days, so a dog proof trap might help you keep that pesky coon out of your trash.

Whatever your reasons for looking into trapping raccoon with dog proof traps I'm sure these versatile traps will meet your needs.


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Trapping Pest Raccoon with Dog Proof Traps